Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Transform Your Relationship

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Conflicts inherent in a relationship are the building blocks to transformation if people are open to stepping out and exploring their differences.
Sometimes it takes a “wake-up” call to kick us out of mediocrity. In working with couples, we share that the conflicts that begin to surface when one partner (or both) gets bored, frustrated or angry are cause for celebration because nothing is going wrong. Couples often look at conflicts as problems to solve as quickly as possible, yet what if they were seen as building blocks to a transformed relationship? We might welcome them and yes, celebrate them! We might get curious and want to understand our partner more.

Here is an equation to a transformed relationship:


Notice that action is the multiplying factor and that without action nothing changes.

Here are some questions to ask yourself if you know that you desire more in your relationship:
* Where do I stay in the comfort zone in my intimate relationship?
* How is it impacting me?
* How is it impacting my partner?
* Am I willing to make a change?
* What am I willing to consider doing differently to step out of my comfort zone?
* Am I willing to explore the idea that nothing is going wrong?
* Am I willing to explore our differences?
* Can I keep an open mind to the possibility of a transformed relationship?

Have you ever found yourself doing the same things day after day and you begin to wonder, “Is this all there is to my life?”  Also known as living in the comfort zone, this place can be seductive for all of us. We are often very comfortable, of course and that can have us reacting and responding to our partners in automatic, habitual ways. This is far from sexy!
We are meant to live in our zone of genius and when the comfort zone gets boring and downright uncomfortable that is actually a time for celebration.  This is when you can focus on change.
There is absolutely no growth in the comfort zone and relationships will not change for the better when we continue doing the same old things.
We know this in our conscious mind yet it’s the sub-conscious mind that is in charge of our automatic, habitual ways. Once we realize this and welcome some discomfort, things begin to change.

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